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Water Supply, Treatment, and Reuse

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Plant-Wide Rehabilitation and Other Assignments

Perkins Engineering Consultants, Inc. (PECI), and Brenda Perkins & Associates, Inc., have been involved in multiple assignments at this regional water treatment plant over the last 10 years.  We were involved as a major subconconsultant evaluating and designing improvements to the plant’s chlorine feed building emergency scrubber and related conveyance ductwork system. As part of this plant-wide rehabilitation, our personnel also assisted with evaluation  of the finished water clearwell improvements, tube settler improvements, and overall site civil grading and drainage. Additionally, our staff has assisted with extensive field and laboratory testing associated with a recent full scale biofiltration conversion project, and has served as a prime consultant to revise and re-prioritize plant expansion timing projections.

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Water Well and Pumping Project

PECI was retained for this water system improvement project consisting of the installation of two 700 gpm deep water wells and associated site work, chlorination facilities, piping, electrical and controls. Each well was designed to pump directly into the distribution system with pressure capacity to fill the elevated tank located in its pressure zone. The well site improvements included backflow prevention valves, metering and 12” water lines to connect the wells to the system. Each well motor was designed to be controlled by a variable frequency drive to extend motor life and to provide operator flexibility in delivery pressure. One of the wells is on an existing pump station site and has the capability to pump directly into the system or be diverted into a local ground storage tank.

San Marcos RPS 2015 Reuse Eval_Crop Top

Water Reuse Disinfection and Water Quality Analysis

PECI evaluated the existing disinfection protocol and water quality for the reclaimed water system a 9 MGD municipal wastewater treatment plant.  The evaluation, which recommended improvements to allow consistency in meeting the Chapter 210 Type I water quality requirements, was conducted as part of a larger reuse system expansion project.  This disinfection evaluation provided an initial analysis of advanced oxidation process (AOP) alternatives for meeting drinking water quality parameters.  Eight different disinfection and AOP alternatives were evaluated as part of the project.  Capital and operating costs were developed for five of the alternatives.

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Water Treatment Plant Rehabilitation

A regional Water Authority needed to replace and upgrade equipment at the water treatment plant. As a subconsultant, PECI designed the replacement of four chain and flight sludge collectors in the sedimentation basin and specified structural repairs to selected areas of the sedimentation basin and preoxidation channel.

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Water Treatment Plant with Wells

PECI was retained for the design of a water treatment plant and two 300 gpm deep water wells for a private development north of the Metroplex. The water treatment plant includes a 200,000 gallon ground storage tank, booster pumps, chlorination facilities, two hydropneumatic pressure tanks, piping, site work, electrical and controls. The water treatment plant and two water wells were bid separately to general contractors and well drillers.

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